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By John Dewey

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

At the middle and senior wing we provide pedagogy which will promote the learning of Science & Technology, liberal Arts, language learning according to the aptitude and potential of the students. The pedagogy at this stage is not absolutely fixed, structured or prescribed but it is multi-dimensional and flexible, which gives the learner ample opportunities to explore and discover in a highly integrated way. Learning is experiential and inter-disciplinary, compelling action, reflection and empathy among children. The emphasis here is to inculcate in each student an enquiring mind and not merely the acquisition of knowledge.

In today’s world of globalization, our primary aim of education is to empower and equip students with relevant skills to step out confidently into the world that both beckons and challenges. The CBSE curriculum is designed towards achieving this goal and is on par with international standards.We cater for the global sensitisation of its students through several programmes like Student Exchange Programmes, ISA and many more.

Middle and Senior Wing

We recognize and support the time of self-discovery and offer the learners a nurturing space to explore and innovate by providing regular informal internships. We offer all three streams at the Senior Secondary level. Science (medical and non- medical), Commerce and Humanities. The infrastructure consists of a well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Painting and Computer Labs along with a well-stocked library.

Our learning system is not just a curriculum but a unique, integrated approach to learning that prepares the students for life and to be productive WORLD CITIZEN.