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By John Dewey

“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.”- Oprah Winfrey

The Middle School phase emerges as a fertile ground, wherein the seeds of a child’s education flourish and blossom. In this realm, the faculties of the Middle Wing harmoniously collaborate, acknowledging and embracing the diverse developmental journey of adolescents. The malleable nature of adolescence renders young minds receptive to novel ideas, and the Middle Wing serves as a vital bridge between the Junior Wing and the Senior Wing, facilitating a seamless transition.

Children in middle school undergo a vital transition to a more structured space. We believe even a structured curriculum can be transformed from within to make lifelong learning a real outcome. At K.R. Mangalam World School, Vaishali middle school students learn in a highly integrated way. This teaches them that there are real connections between the academic domains they encounter. Learning is experiential and inter-disciplinary, compelling action, reflection and empathy among children. This is their light bulb moment, when they start to comprehend that school lessons and the outside world are intertwined.

Middle Wing

Celebrating the pivotal shift from Middle School to Senior School education, the Middle Wing offers a plethora of enriching techniques such as Experiential Learning, Learning by Doing, Project Based Learning, Interdisciplinary approach and Inverted Classroom which ignite a spirit of unconventional thinking and innovation. Nurturing a culture of exploration, numerous avenues for growth and leadership are meticulously crafted, including Clubs, Special Assemblies and leadership programmes which ensure students are presented with ample opportunities to flourish. Students are given an arena of exploration with challenging activities which are linked with research. This develops critical thinking skills a new age 21st century skills among students. Learning through projects which they personally construct after researching, enhances their confidence. Incorporating practice such as Happiness and Deshbhakti Curriculum, and meditation epitomizes a journey of self exploration. Within the classrooms, a vibrant drapery of learning unfurls through an Active Learning curriculum and experiential pedagogical approaches, infusing life into the educational experience.

The academic curriculum of the Middle Wing is thoughtfully designed to instill a deep reverence for diligence and to cultivate essential study skills, thereby laying a robust foundation for the rigorous academic demands of the Senior School. The students are prepared for the rigorous academic requirements of the senior school, they are encouraged to do individual and group works, and become independent inquirers. Our Middle School curriculum emphasizes continuous and comprehensive assessment to ensure the personalized growth of each student. We employ innovative and dynamic evaluation methods that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Regular formative assessments are complemented by summative evaluations, guiding students towards a deeper understanding of subjects.

We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom, and thus, our Middle School offers a captivating range of clubs and co-curricular activities. Students can explore their passions through clubs such as Robotics, Yoga, Sculpture, AI, MUN, Sign Language, Script Writing, Health and Nutrition, Band and many more. These opportunities encourage creativity, teamwork, and leadership, empowering students to develop into well-rounded individuals.

Sports play a pivotal role in promoting a healthy lifestyle and instilling essential values like discipline and sportsmanship. Our Middle School offers an extensive sports program encompassing various sports, from basketball to football, athletics to swimming. Regular intra-school competitions and inter-school events provide an avenue for students to showcase their talents on a broader platform, fostering healthy competition and camaraderie.

Instilling values of service, leadership, and outdoor skills, our Scouts and Guides program is an integral part of the Middle School experience. Through camping, adventure activities, and community service projects, students learn the essence of teamwork and compassion while fostering a sense of responsibility towards society.

As responsible global citizens, our students actively engage in community outreach initiatives. Through social drives, awareness campaigns, and volunteering efforts, they learn the value of empathy and making a positive impact on society.

To encourage academic excellence and stimulate intellectual curiosity, we organize various Olympiad exams. These nationally and internationally recognized competitions challenge our students to excel in subjects like Mathematics, Science, GK, Computers, English, and more, nurturing their problem-solving abilities.

Middle and Senior Wing

We recognize the significance of arts and sports in a child’s overall development. Our curriculum seamlessly integrates arts and sports, offering students the opportunity to explore their creativity and physical prowess while fostering a well-balanced lifestyle.

We understand the importance of mental well-being and life skills in shaping successful individuals. Our collaboration with the renowned Rama Krishna Mission ensures that our students have access to professional counseling and life skills programs, helping them navigate challenges with resilience and equanimity.

Altogether, the Middle Wing serves as a nurturing catalyst, empowering students to unlock their full potential and embark on a journey of academic excellence and personal growth.

Middle School experience in our school fosters academic excellence, personality building and nurturing of diverse talents. Our multifaceted approach caters to the holistic growth of our students, encompassing an array of captivating programs and activities.