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The team’s journey begins with rigorous training, both on and off the field. Under the guidance of dedicated coaches, these young athletes hone their skills, enhance their tactical understanding of the game, and develop the physical fitness required to compete at a high level. The Under 15 Girls Football Team put in a fantastic performance at the DPSG CUP 2023, organized by the DPS Society from 17-21 April at DPSG International. The team bagged the runners-up trophy, while Sara Jangra of Grade 9 was recognized as the ‘Best Emerging Player’ of the tournament.


Participation in Olympiads offers students a unique opportunity to challenge themselves, go beyond the confines of regular classroom learning, and explore the depths of their knowledge. These competitions foster a competitive spirit, nurturing a love for learning, and igniting a passion for academic excellence. K.R. Mangalam World School, Vaishali takes immense pride in the exceptional performance of its students in various Olympiads. These prestigious competitions provide a platform for students to showcase their knowledge, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities on a national and international level. The students of K.R. Mangalam World School, Vaishali have consistently demonstrated their brilliance and intellectual prowess in Olympiads across different subjects such as:

  • 1. Mathematics
  • 2. Science
  • 3. English
  • 4. Computer Science
  • 5. and more.

They have not only secured top ranks but have also won numerous medals, accolades and monetary reward that showcases their dedication, hard work, and determination.

The exceptional performance of these students is a result of their rigorous preparation, guidance from experienced parents and faculty members, and the school’s emphasis on creating an intellectually stimulating environment.


“The journey of authorship is a quest for discovery, a voyage through the avenues of imagination, where each word is an embellishment on the canvas of storytelling.”

Nestled within the resplendent grandeur of Apparel House in Sector 44, Gurugram, an aura of literary brilliance illuminated the ambiance as the National Young Authors Fair 2023-24 Awards & Exhibition Ceremony unfolded. Here, amidst the celestial avenues of boundless imagination, young authors adorned with laurels stood as radiant paragons, testifying to the profound power of words and the resolute spirit of creative expression.

With every gentle turn of the page, an opus of stories unfolded, each echoing the dreams, aspirations, and unparalleled talent of 47 budding wordsmiths who graced the prestigious BriBooks platform with their literary marvels. Among them, three luminaries emerged, their pens like celestial dancers, pirouetting across the canvas of imagination to craft narratives that left an ineradicable imprint upon the literary landscape. Sanvi Chaturvedi, Aleeza Qamar of Grade VIII and Rivaan Mahajan of Grade V shone with triumph. Their enchanting pens have woven captivating tales, earning them the title of ‘Best-Selling Young Authors’ of the State. With grace and dexterity, they soared to the pinnacle of achievement, their names shimmering as guiding stars for aspiring wordsmiths. From the tender musings of youthful prodigies to the sage wisdom of seasoned scholars, each contribution served as a celestial insignia to the universal allure of storytelling.


In a radiant chorus of praise, K.R. Mangalam World School, Vaishali, ascended to literary greatness, securing a place among the Top 40 schools for budding writers. Their steadfast dedication to nurturing literary talent earned them recognition as one of India’s Top 100 Literary Leaders. Ms. Seema Behl, the esteemed Principal, was hailed as a guiding light, steering the school towards this honour with her wisdom and leadership. Under her guidance, the school’s literary endeavours flourished, culminating in this prestigious accolade for fostering creativity and literary excellence.