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Highly renowned for its quality education, K.R. Mangalam is among the top schools in Ghaziabad, for its emphasis on providing the best education right from the early

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1. Well Qualified and Trained Staff
2. Expert communication skills
3. Deep knowledge and passion for their subject matter
4. The ability to build

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Gearing The Trainers

K.R.M always puts its best foot front in by investing ponderously in training its faculty through workshops, webinars, and micro teachings on regular basis.

Organizational Hierarchy

For striking the paramount and smooth conduct of the organization, hierarchy is maintained in our school which helps in opening up of the proper

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K. R. Mangalam acknowledges the evolution of the third-millennium children and the third-millennium parents. Education should depend upon, and be defined by, the quality of the children being educated. The third-millennium children are by far, better exposed to knowledge and educational technology than all the previous generations. Read More


Albert Einstein rightly said, “Education is not about learning facts but training young minds to think.” Today, the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and productive members of an ever-changing global society… Read More


The school’s motto ‘Engage. Learn. Innovate.’ epitomizes the school’s commitment to broaden the students’ horizons and enable them to carve an integrated and enlightened world- a world that fosters unity yet celebrates the uniqueness of each individual… Read More



The school is so located that it is easily accessible by road as well as by metro, with the nearest metro station being less than a kilometre away. The transport fleet of the school comprises of 36 air-conditioned busses, a Traveller and a car. The bus-routes are fixed in the beginning of the session and are rarely
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International Linkages

Earth KAM

in collaboration with NASA generation of satellite images of Earth by students.

International Youth Camp

Beijing International Students exchange programme with China is an annual feature. Students interact with participants around the globe in the International Youth Camp.

Space Travel Experience

Training programme by NASA at Kennedy Space Centre, Orlando Provides an opportunity to get experience of Space on Earth!

International Performances

Drama presentation by ‘Formela’ a group from Czech Republic.

Education Exchange Programme

The school has a regular student exchange programme with the Oznam School, Lille in France. Under this programme, students and their families play the role of hosts as well as guests as they partner with each other to spend a fortnight together in India as well as France. During this period, not only are they exposed to the education system but also to the culture, heritage, community and familial systems of both countries. This has proven to be a tremendous learning experience that has widened the global horizons of the students of both countries.